Friday, October 28, 2005

Teddy Bear

This is for a friend's baby. I made it with Lion Brand Woolease in a brown color that looks like tweedy yarn but is really soft.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tube Scarf!

I made this tube scarf using prettyful yarn bee soft delight yarn in dark blue and size 11 circular needles. I casted on 40 stitches and did ribbing for like 3 inches, then decreased to 30 stitches and did 3 more inches of ribbing, then decreased down to 20 stitches and worked until almost the end, increased to 30, worked 3 inches, increased to 40, worked 3 more inches, and finally bound off.

The scarf (kinda looks like one of those magnetic ribbons people stick to their cars)

Me being a ridiculous model

Flowery Things

I made this pretty flower washcloth from a pattern from a book called Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. She described the way you knit it as reverse bloom style. First you knit the five petals with gradual increases from the bottom in, then you connect them and knit them in the round, with gradual decreases, to the middle.

I used Lion Brand Microspun and used like 5/8 of a skein. (An acrylic yarn that absorbs water, yay!)

I also made a pillow with this pattern.

I sewed two washcloths together and stuffed it. Made this with Red Heart.

Magnetic knit letters

I made knitted magnets for my locker.

It says flyleaf.

To make, CO 10 st. in color 1 w/ size 3 needles. Work for 10 rows. Cover up letter stitches with color 2. Repeat with each letter, inversing colors. NOT A SLIP STITCH MOSAIC OR INTARSIA! Then I stuck pieces of magnet tape to the back.

Come up with your own creative letter charts to use. I'm not telling mine.

Furry Greenness!

I made this furry green set for me.

I made all of it with about 5 oz (almost 4 balls) total of canon bliss yarn. (The light green color)

The scarf I made with a simple k1 p1 rib the whole way down with size 8 needles. It took 3 oz.

The hat I made with Bev's Basic Hat Pattern without the pompom with size 8 needles. It took about 1.75 oz, a bit more than one 1.5 oz ball.

The mitts I made with a forum thread pattern from my favorite forum . I don't know if you can tell but I added pockets on them for a reason I have no idea of now.

Needles:Same as used for mitts
Gauge: Same as mitts
Yarn: Same as mitts

CO 11 stitches. Knit for however long you want the pockets to be minus about 3/4 in. in stockinette. Knit two rows garter stitch. Knit 5, yo, k2tog, K rem. 5. Do one more garter row. BO. Sew to mitt and do second pocket the same. Add buttons.

The mitts+the pockets took about 1 oz of yarn.

Baby Stuff!

I'm just posting everything I've made so just to let you know I didn't knit all this stuff in the same time frame!

But anyway, here's the baby stuff.

Baby Scarf

CO 30 st. in yellow. Work in garter stitch for 12 rows. *K 4 in yellow. Break off yellow. K22 in white. K remaining for in yellow. R2: K4. Break off yellow. P22 in white. Break off white. K4 in yellow. R3: Knit R4:Purl. Repeat instructions from asterick(*) until long enough. End with row 4. Work 12 rows in garter stitch. BO

I made these booties at Knittting on the net

Sorry no pic I already gave them away. (But they look exactly like the ones on the pattern picture, same colors and everything!)

I made this hat at Knitting on the net

I gave this one away too but it looks like the one in the picture but in yellow and white stripes and a yellow and white bow.

I knit this stuff in yellow and white yarn bee baby yarn.