Saturday, October 01, 2005

Baby Stuff!

I'm just posting everything I've made so just to let you know I didn't knit all this stuff in the same time frame!

But anyway, here's the baby stuff.

Baby Scarf

CO 30 st. in yellow. Work in garter stitch for 12 rows. *K 4 in yellow. Break off yellow. K22 in white. K remaining for in yellow. R2: K4. Break off yellow. P22 in white. Break off white. K4 in yellow. R3: Knit R4:Purl. Repeat instructions from asterick(*) until long enough. End with row 4. Work 12 rows in garter stitch. BO

I made these booties at Knittting on the net

Sorry no pic I already gave them away. (But they look exactly like the ones on the pattern picture, same colors and everything!)

I made this hat at Knitting on the net

I gave this one away too but it looks like the one in the picture but in yellow and white stripes and a yellow and white bow.

I knit this stuff in yellow and white yarn bee baby yarn.


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