Saturday, October 01, 2005

Furry Greenness!

I made this furry green set for me.

I made all of it with about 5 oz (almost 4 balls) total of canon bliss yarn. (The light green color)

The scarf I made with a simple k1 p1 rib the whole way down with size 8 needles. It took 3 oz.

The hat I made with Bev's Basic Hat Pattern without the pompom with size 8 needles. It took about 1.75 oz, a bit more than one 1.5 oz ball.

The mitts I made with a forum thread pattern from my favorite forum . I don't know if you can tell but I added pockets on them for a reason I have no idea of now.

Needles:Same as used for mitts
Gauge: Same as mitts
Yarn: Same as mitts

CO 11 stitches. Knit for however long you want the pockets to be minus about 3/4 in. in stockinette. Knit two rows garter stitch. Knit 5, yo, k2tog, K rem. 5. Do one more garter row. BO. Sew to mitt and do second pocket the same. Add buttons.

The mitts+the pockets took about 1 oz of yarn.


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