Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Finished Hobolicious gloves!

I finished some camo hobo gloves for a christmas present for my cousin, but I'm not sure it will go around his hand. You cast on and knit for as long as you want the glove to go on your arm, and then you seam the sides together and leave a hole for the thumb. I can't draw a diagram in paint because I'm using a school computer so you will kind of have to guess what I mean. Anyway, so I think I dodn't cast on enough to go around his hand. I may have to pick up stitches. But I will put pics when I'm done!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finished Hats!

I finished 2 hats for my cousins, one in lion kool wool denim and one in red heart grande camoflage! I hope to put up pics soon. My camera is really bad, but I'm getting a good one for christmas... so there will be better pics by christmas... but I hate to use my camera becuase I have to take a picture like 10 times with different lighting and stuff, so I don't really like to take pictures if you know what I mean. So yeah. I'll take pics soon when I get around to it.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Pillows for My Cousins!

A bunch of people came over for thanksgiving, including my cousins. I made them pillows! Yay! My cousin Hannah, "modeling" her pillow: The pillow, up close and personal: This pillow was made with baby bee eyelash yarn and caron bliss yarn. If you can tell in the pictures, one yarn is in the middle, and one yarn creates the petals. But when you flip the pillow over, the yarns are reversed, the middle yarn is on the petals and the petal yarn is in the middle. Both the yarns are light blue. See this post for details on how to make it.
And my cousin Rylea's pillow (she wouldn't let me take one of her modeling): This is baby bee eyelash in lavender. Basically, you knit up to the part where the sides of the heart split and then you knit the two pointy sides seperately. Then knit again and sew together!

Mp3 Cozies!

After I lost my case that my mp3 player came with, I decided to make some new ones.

I call this one The Alf Cozy.
When you open it, you can see the screen!
And this one, Vision in Blue.
They were with some yarn that I got in the dollar section of my target, and they came in tiny skeins. The Alf Cozy was made with the red and orange variagated of the fuzzy kind and the blue of the funky fringe kind. I originally tried to change this pattern and make it smaller so it would fit mine, but I ended up just making a new pattern altogether. I got rid of the screen part and made the part that you put the flap over smaller, so you could just see the screen. I made the earphones hole, and it's working out great.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I just read a thread on Craftster and it was titled "What to do with old AOL cds." Someone suggested a clock and I just remembered I made one over the summer. Everybody thinks that all the wires and stuff are what makes the clock work and then I show them the back and they go "oohhhhhh. I see." You basically stick the clockwork part through, add some batteries, and stick the clock on. Then you put ont some stuff to use as the numbers. I like on the 12, 3, 6, and 9 the capacitors, and I don't know if you can tell, but there are resistors between the sticks on the capacitors. Those were hard to glue on!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Plastic Bag Yarn!

Talk about recycling! I was pretty bored yesterday so I cut a King Soopers bag into little strips. There is a strategic way of doing this, but I forgot to take pictures while in the process. If I do it again, I promise a mini tute! Anyway, then I tied all the little strips together!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Favorite Band Swap::What I sent

Hello people! This is my first swap on craftster and I wanted to post what I made. Swaps are where you tell someone some stuff about yourself according to the guidelines. The guidelines for this swap were to send someone something about their favorite band. Then you make something according to their interests and mail it to them. My partner's favorite band was Weezer. What I made:

A bag! I made a button loop closure and a strap. Closeup of the Weezer Logo I stitched on the flap:
And a little coin purse/iPod cozy/thingy:
You probably can't tell, but I had a button hole closure and 2 black beads and two red W beads on the flap.
~My knitted stuff in the swap is in red and black red heart yarn. The bag was basic intarsia and the coin purse was two colors knitted together.~

I made a keychain with those beads you put on the pegboards and weld together with an iron.

Closeup of the big star.

Closeup of the Weezer Ws. There are like 3 of them.
~I also made an optiart magnet with the symbol on it, but the pictures didn't turn out, and it is now.... *checks for location of package* oh. Still in Longmont (where I live). Oh well. Anyway, hope you like.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Knitting Toolbar!

I made a toolbar for all who are interested. It has useful knitting links, RSS feed, a chat to chat with other people who have the toolbar, a web search, and a link to my very own knitting forum, TeenKnits. Get the Toolbar

What is TeenKnits, you ask? A forum I made for teens who knit. There seem to be more and more every day. So if you're a teen or preteen, and you knit, come to TeenKnits!

Come to TeenKnits

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pink Stuff

A hat for my cousin, now finished!! I used Bev's Basic Hat pattern and the littlest size. I used Bernat Lulu yarn in the light pinky color. I also have a scarf in progress, taken with the ball so you can see how little progress I've made.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hotpad Pics!

As promised, hotpads!

The wreath!

The candy cane!

And lastly, but not least(ly?) the tree!

These are all double knit so one side is the reverse side of the other. (So I made 3 hotpads, not 6) My puppy just destroyed the tree yesterday so :( me sad. Oh well. Anyway, I used peaches and cream yarn (just the same as sugar and cream, but my hobby lobby was closed and desperate me went to wal-mart) in the red variagated (did I spell that even close to correctly?) and the green variagated.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Knitted Yoda

Do any of you knitter type people who read this have a pattern for a knitted yoda? My brother wants one sooooooo bad. Just put a comment if you know of a pattern. I want a pattern people, not just a picture or a forum thread discusssing muppet-like knitted star wars characters. K?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Zoe the bad dog destroyed my washcloth :P

I am (was) making the flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting. I did all the petals and about ten rounds in the middle. Then she grabbed it and pranced around the house with it. About 4 stitches came off the needles and were turning into little ladder stitches. Not much of a problem, just fix with a crochet hook, right? WRONG!! I tried fixing it like that and then the end of the yarn was attatched to the first stitch on the right needle, but then looped over and was attatched to about the tenth stitch on the left needle. I tried many ways to fix it but NNOOOOOO.... it just had to get even worse. I tried inserting my needle into a different row farther down. It worked, until the end, when alot more of those loopy things appeared. I thought the stitches between the loopies were not knitted enough, but I couldn't fix it. So I had to rip the whole thing out and start over. Since you knit the petals seperately and then break the yarn and knit a new one, I ended up with one big ball of yarn and 4 little ones. *Sigh*....

Pics Coming Soon of Hotpads

I am trying to get around to posting pictures of my christmas hotpads. I'll do it soon. There are three of them, one a christmas tree, one a wreath, and one a candy cane! They are double knit. Wheeeeee!