Friday, November 18, 2005

Favorite Band Swap::What I sent

Hello people! This is my first swap on craftster and I wanted to post what I made. Swaps are where you tell someone some stuff about yourself according to the guidelines. The guidelines for this swap were to send someone something about their favorite band. Then you make something according to their interests and mail it to them. My partner's favorite band was Weezer. What I made:

A bag! I made a button loop closure and a strap. Closeup of the Weezer Logo I stitched on the flap:
And a little coin purse/iPod cozy/thingy:
You probably can't tell, but I had a button hole closure and 2 black beads and two red W beads on the flap.
~My knitted stuff in the swap is in red and black red heart yarn. The bag was basic intarsia and the coin purse was two colors knitted together.~

I made a keychain with those beads you put on the pegboards and weld together with an iron.

Closeup of the big star.

Closeup of the Weezer Ws. There are like 3 of them.
~I also made an optiart magnet with the symbol on it, but the pictures didn't turn out, and it is now.... *checks for location of package* oh. Still in Longmont (where I live). Oh well. Anyway, hope you like.


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