Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Look who just got sewn together!

It's Mr. Monkey! I haven't decided what to call him yet, but here are some pictures:

All done!
Closeup of his cute widdle face

Yay! I have alot of yarn left, I bought 2 blue and 1 green ball of simply soft. I think some socks may be in order?

Lookie Here, Organization!

Now there are sections on the left for those of you who want to read the posts by category instead of boring old chronological order. I am using for my sections. This is only experimental, people!

Monday, January 16, 2006

All I gotta do is stuff 'n' sew!

Finally, I have knitted all the parts and sewn them together (eg. front and back, sides of arms) so they resemble monkey parts. Now all I gotta do is stuff 'n' sew!

The finished parts all lying next to each other.
A closeup of the head and the lovely stand-in paperclip eyes.

Ain't he cute?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

One Tiny Thing Swap 3:: What I Recived

In this swap your partner made ONE TINY thing for you, based on your interests. I got a little math pouch.

This is the front, which says I *heart* pi!!
A little abacus, set squares, a ruler, and a protractor!
Miniful graph paper and a computer patch.
The back, with numerous digits of pi on it.

Yay! Thank you tiph_thompson, my wonderful partner!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Put a Bunch of Random Parts Together and What do You Get?

Apparently a monkey. Look at these:

This is a pilgrim hat. Actually, this is the face mask flipped upside down.
This is an acorn-foot. This is your average everyday stopsign monkey body.
And this is a square. Which is supposed to be a leg. I think you fold it in half.

Weird, is it not?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Diaper Monkey

A post about my progress on the monkey.... all the parts look like diapers!!

Here's the body (I actually finished it, I just folded it so that you could see what it looked like about midway through the knitting):

And here's one of the feet, halfway done:

Diapers, I say! Diapers!

Monkey, You Were Made to be Knitted

I have decided to knit myself a monkey. A bright blue and lime green one. No, I am not crazy. Everybody loves monkeys, right? Especially in their favorite colors?? Well, my monkey shall be knit by this pattern. (And no, I do not know the words to the little tune it sings when you open up the page) Hope he comes out monkeyrific!! (that doesn't even look like a word)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

2005 FO Archive

Felted Rectangular Bag
Tiny Purple Sweater
Bright Blue Socks
Blue Hobo Gloves/Hat
Camo Hobo Gloves/Hat
Pink Fluffy Scart
Blue Flower Pillow
Purple Heart Pillow
Alf mp3 Cozy
Vision in Blue mp3 Cozy
Weezer Bag
Weezer iPod Case
Pink Fluffy Hat
Wreath Hotpad
Candy Cane Hotpad
Christmas Tree Hotpad
Teddy Bear
Striped Socks
Tube Scarf
Flower Wascloths
Blue/Green Flower Pillow
Letter Magnets
Furry Green Winter Set
Baby Scarf
Camo Hobo Gloves
Camo Jester Hat
Camo Fishing Hat