Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bi-weekly Beads ~ February 17

Okay, I'm going to try this new bead thing and see how it goes. Here are all the things I've made in like 6 weeks, because I hadn't thought of doing this for a while. For those of you who know polymer clay stuff, I shall put the type of clay and the techniques I used. Without further ado(is that even a word? Well spell check said it was so whatever), the pictures:

~Multi-cane set~ Made with Fimo clay, I used basic techniques (jelly roll, skinner blend, basic flower, kaleidoscope) to make a necklace on a tutorial DVD for a swap and just had to continue and make a set for myself.
~Blue and Green Keychain~ I used Fimo clay and made a skinner blend into a bunch of other stuff.
~Pink and Purple Swirls Necklace~ With Fimo clay, I made a pink/purple skinner blend, cut it in half, put a green/black sheet in the middle, cut some beads out of it, reduced the rest, made a flower out of it, and tada!
~Blue Rose~ Fimo clay, my first model-making adventure. I plan to make a little vase out of translucent (That might turn out like that "translucent glass" you can't completely see through. Hey, if they have the same name...)
~Silver and Black Bullseye Lace~ I made a bullseye lace cane and formed it into shapes. I had some other silver and black beads I bought I really liked, so I used those too. This is a really good one, so I may sell it at a store that has asked about buying my stuffs.

This is my first clay thingy ever! It's fimo clay, and all the beads are just solid colors except for the two on the very ends (swirlyness) and the middle one (kaleidoscope). Click on the pictre for a big version of the middle bead!
This is just a skinner blend with blue and translucent. But I thought it was white! So I don't like it as much as I could have.
This is a keychain from fimo clay. I cut big slices from some scraps/ mini canes (3 of them, actually) put them in the pasta machine, and braided them. Yeah, braided. Then I folded up the braid into a cube, cut slices and it was all swirly!

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I like the flower the best - its all nice!


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