Thursday, March 16, 2006

One Tiny Thing Round 4:: What I received

Here's what I received in the One Tiny Thing Round 4 swap from my partner Bigmouth.

This one's kind of blurry.... It's the top of the box. Apple pi. Heehee.

This one's the bottom of the lid and the bottom of... the box.

This one's the inside. It has lots of cool stickers and the bottom's all bumpy.

Even though it was one tiny thing, the box she sent it in was huge. You could probably fit Mitsy the weiner dog (hi grandma. don't bring mitsy over or I will try to see if she fits in the box) in there as well as the 50 plastic bags that padded my pi box.

Something really cool is that I got the package on March 14. That's pi day. Awesome, isn't it?

Thanks a ton Bigmouth!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

One Tiny Thing 4 Swap:: What I sent

In this swap, as in round 3, you have to make one TINY thing for your partner. Here's what I made for my partner Bigmouth:

Here it is attatched to her keys. The left half is made with changey-color embroidery floss, and the right half is made with polymer clay. Oh, and I have a story to tell. My brother was making frozen pizza in the toaster upstairs that I normally use, so I had to use the toaster in the basement that I've never used before. I know I had the right temperature and everything, but my brother said he smelled something burning, and it was my clay. It was all black and gross. So, I had to make another clay half. My dad says it wasn't callibrated right. I think it's just predjudiced against rainbowy clay flowers.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stuff to Sell

Guess what?? The people at a bead store where I live called The Bead Lounge want me to sell my jewelry and knitted stuff there! Also, I'm not going to do bi-weekly beads. I'll just post stuff when I get around to it. Well, here's my stuff!

This is a ladybug macrame necklace that I made!

A Y necklace

And some knitted bracelets which are awesome! Oh, that's the other thing I wanted to tell you about! I have a website now for all my free knitting and polymer clay patterns/tutorials. I made up the pattern, and it's on the website (currently the only thing there) here's the URL for the site: and here's the url for the bracelet pattern: I will post all the stuff I've made for the bead lounge later!

The COOLEST Science Fair Project Ever

Guess what?? In my science fair project, I got to buy yarn!!
I felted a bunch of swatches with different percents of yarn. I got an A! Yay me!
Here they are::

And I didn't have to pay for the yarn!!

What a fun thing to do!! It is the coolest project I have ever done! Especially when you consider all the leftover yarn I get to use up....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey.... just letting you know I will be posting some stuff soon. The picture uploader on blogger is broked, so when it works I'll do it. :)